JustGreen Natural Gas

By subscribing to JustGreen Natural Gas, Commerce Energy purchases Carbon Offsets on your behalf to ensure that the equivalent of up to 100% of the carbon emissions caused by your home are offset. This is tied to your home natural gas consumption.


JustGreen Power

generated from renewable power sources such as hydro, solar and wind power. This is tied to your home electricity usage.



TerraPass is Just Energy Group’s green energy initiative that can help us all work towards a cleaner planet by pursuing renewable and sustainable energy solutions that support green projects across North America. TerraPass products provide consumers and businesses with the ability to help them reduce the environmental impact of their everyday energy use through carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.


JustGreen Product Features



Natural Gas



Integrated with commodity?  Yes  Yes
Carbon offsets based?  Yes  No
Renewable Energy Credits based?  No  Yes
Option to choose your level of green?  Yes  Yes
Residential or Commercial?  Both  Both

*Although Commerce Energy's green products are available in most of the markets we serve, they are not yet available in all of our markets. Click here to see which markets we currently offer green energy. The option to choose a level of Green is not available with all products – some may be 0 or 100% only.